Effects Of Alcohol Advertising On Young Americans And Adults Essay

1535 Words Jan 18th, 2016 7 Pages
Alcohol advertising has a brutal impact on young Americans and adults and why advertisers should be banned from promoting this everyday killer. Exposure to alcohol advertising is shown on a regular basis not only to adults but to underage children that cannot buy alcohol or even drink alcohol. Many alcohol companies spend millions of dollars to promote alcohol not only though television but also radio and billboard advertisement. The alcohol companies tend to build a great revenue every year and spend a high amount on advertising in general. Alcohol companies and their advertisement have a great impact on teenagers because the marketers of alcohol see great potential and money making strategies coming from young adults because they can be easily influenced to buy something. Alcohol is also linked to better personal and social lives along with sex appeal if you drink alcohol. Children tend to watch television every day and are easy to influence as the advertising agencies tend to show something on television that a kid or teenager can related to like the Budweiser frogs and having them say Bud Wise Err and a child relates to a cartoon character. The problem is that alcohol companies tend to not put warning labels on their alcohol or their advertisements that they are promoting. The problem is that many alcohol advertisement companies do not realize just how many teens and kids they are promoting a bad influence on because they think that it has no impact on children.…

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