Effects Of Advertising On South Carolina Consumers Essay

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Tobacco companies like Lorillard Tobacco Company who holds the brand Newport, makes billions of dollars off of advertisement, primarily focusing on young adults. There are organizations whose primary mission is to end smoking within young adults. Organizations such as Truth, whose main goal in society is to end tobacco advertisement in hopes of creating a positive impact on society. Truth advertisements are just as catchy as a cigarette commercial gaining the attention of teens and adults alike on the negative effects of smoking.
With advertisements from organizations like Truth, how is it that Newport and other cigarette brands are still profiting in sales? How are cigarettes still on the market? Is it the price? Or is it the clever way they choose to promote their products? Is it where they put their products?
This case study will analyze how tobacco companies specifically their brands, and how their use of advertisement is harmful to society. Primarily focusing on South Carolina from 2011-2013 we will analyze all possible outcomes as to why advertisement has an effect on South Carolina consumers.
There’s one trend that is circulating within the tobacco industry as well and it’s called the E-cigarette. Particularly targeted towards the youth, the E-cigarette is a battery-operated device designed to deliver nicotine with chemicals in vapor form. This product is supposed to be a “safer alternative” because of the vapor smoke instead of regular smoke. This product doesn’t…

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