Effectiveness Of Sales Force ( Haans And Gijsbrechts ( 2011 )

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Effectiveness of Sales Force In most of the organization, the sales force is among the most effective channels of engaging customers. However, it comes with it cost. As explained by Chaharsoughi and Yasory (2012), in most of the instances, sales expenses accounts for 10 percent of the total revenue or more. It is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the sale force. The best strategies identify, prioritize, and close gaps, capturing specific growth opportunities. The main objective is not having shiny and bright sales forces but having the right investments, which achieves substantial results. It is always important to evaluate the effectiveness of sale force.
Approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of sale force Haans and Gijsbrechts (2011) by summarizing the work of many other claimed that one of the most effective methodologies for measuring the effectiveness of sale team is through benchmarking. Benchmarking entails a valuable performance evaluation techniques which compare the performance of one sale group with that of another one. Management can compare what their sale force has achieved with accomplishment of another sales team in a firm, which operates in the same industry. It is also possible to compare what the sales team has achieved in the current period with the previous achievement. Benchmarking enables one to establish variations. This will place the sale manager in a position to establish the areas that require improvement as well as those…

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