Effective Teaching - Essay and Lesson Plan

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Teaching is a profession that is considered to be a rewarding challenging and complex role. An effective teacher does not simply teach knowledge their students and instead aims to arm students with the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that will prepare students for life-long learning. The constructivist theories developed by Piaget and Vygotsky have impacted on the way that teachers teach and this has changed the approach of teaching to place a greater importance on the teacher instead to act as a facilitator of learning in an open, constructivist environment and providing students with the tools to challenge themselves to develop both academically and personally. The education of students within classrooms
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The Code of Ethics for teachers in Queensland (QLD College of Teachers, 2012) provide the core values of Integrity, Dignity, Responsibility, Respect, Justice and Care and a teacher demonstrates these values though:
• Providing students with the highest quality learning environment and teaching in a manner that is supporting by academic theories and practical knowledge
• Supporting diversity and individualism of students and valuing these differences within the classroom
• Continued professional development and improvement of teaching strategies to strive for all students continued growth in all learning areas
• Respecting students, families, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures and incorporate into classroom to encourage respect in the students
• Ensuring wellbeing of students and approach all matters in a fair, equitable and reasonable manner
• Developing trust and respect through establishing positive relationships and act with compassion and empathy.
Adhering to these professional standards enhances the foundation of an effective teacher and while the ethical factors discussed above are not

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