Effective Teachers : An Effective Teacher Essay

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An effective teacher provides content that is accurate, current, and most importantly age appropriate to her students. An effective teacher is willing to elaborate on questions or concerns that the students may have. The teacher should be able to clearly explain and demonstrate the steps needed for the student’s success. She should give multiple examples and explanations to better help her student(s). To help students gain a better understanding of what is being taught, the teacher should make the lesson engaging if possible. It will make learning more enjoyable for the students if they can be involved in what they are learning. An effective teacher should tell the students what they are expected to learn. Then she should ask the students what they want to know to learn about in that particular lesson/content. This will make the students feel like they have a say so in what they learn. It will also make them feel as if they are in charge of their education. This will make them want to work hard and pay attention. In order to be able to teach a lesson to the students, an effective teacher should have her own understanding of the topic and should be well-prepared. She should feel confident enough in her ability as a teacher to deliver an effective lesson that they students’ can comprehend. She should be able to answer all questions that the students have. For the questions she doesn’t have answers to, she should be willing to dig deeper to find out for the student. So…

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