Effective Recruitment Plan For Hotel Paris Essay

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The objective of any recruiting process is to obtain a collection of employees who best fit the specific requirements or preferences for an organization so that management can select the right person for the right job while helping the organization achieve its goals and objectives (Chandratreya, 2012). The first step would be to build an effective recruitment plan to find the best candidate with out wasting more time than needed. Take the time to consider each job description and determine the desirable traits needed for that position. In the case of Hotel Paris, the organization is specifically looking for employees who will put the customer first, use initiative, and work tirelessly to provide guests services that far exceed their expectations. Once this has been established, determine the methods of recruitment that would best work for your type of organization. There are many options to choose from when it comes to the recruitment process; internal recruitment and employee referrals, print advertisements, internet recruiting, recruiting agencies, job fairs, and social and new media networking sites. The recommendation for Hotel Paris would be to first publish internal announcements. This poses an incentive for seeking job advancement and promotion as well as the candidate has an established relationship with the hotel. Also using social and new media networking sites allows the hotel to connect with professionals on a worldwide basis giving the hotel a…

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