Effective Listening Described As The Hurier Model Essay

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This course delved into the unique diverse nature of human connection and the key to personal success led by the power of communication. It allows us to interpret our ideas or voice our opinions effectively and enables people to judge us openly. To understand another person goes a long way in the path to communication. Flowers cannot grow without the proper amount of sunlight, rain, and soil. In the same fashion, relationships cannot grow without the proper amount of listening, emotion, and interpersonal communication in friendships and professional relationships. To listen properly adds a great deal to the quality of our relationships but when we don 't, communication and relationships both suffer. Listening is described as the active process of making meaning out of another person 's message. It is the key to all effective communication because without the ability to listen effectively, messages can easily be misunderstood. This can cause frustrations and break down. Stages of effective listening described as the HURIER model is a design of effective listening that involves hearing, understanding, remembering, interpreting, evaluating, and responding. Most people focus more on speaking than they do when listening. Studies have shown that many successful leaders and entrepreneurs credit their success through effective listening skills. It is the building block to all success depending on the degree to which we perceive and understand messages. Sometimes we assume that…

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