Negative Emotions Research Paper

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As human beings, we experience a range of emotions on a daily basis. Many of these include aggravation, sadness, fear, and happiness. These emotions guide us through life and help in decision making. They can make a person blind to situations, or make a person comprehend a situation clearly. Many would argue that happiness is an emotion that should always be felt, no matter the situation. Therefore, the ultimate life accomplishment is one thing: happiness. Any emotion that sways from happiness is considered unhealthy, and is usually diagnosed by a medical professional as a problem that can be fixed with medicine. However, experiencing emotions such as fear, grief, and anger help with growth and development of the human brain. They also help …show more content…
Negative emotions like fear and suspicion allow for many people to see situations for what they really are, and keep us away from particularly dangerous situations. According to “Happiness: Enough Already” author Sharon Begley, negative emotions evolved for a reason, especially since “fear tips us off to the presence of danger” (456). Without this emotion, many could put themselves in extreme situations detrimental to their health; all the while being completely oblivious to the actual peril of the predicament. Begley also cites a study in which it was determined that complete euphoria and contentment caused many people to “play down very real threats” (456). Thus, complete and total happiness can actually have a negative effect on one’s overall well­being. The tendency to brush off real threats is an unfortunate side effect of happiness; therefore, negative emotions like fear allow us to think twice before entering a situation that could cause a person serious harm. Equally important, negative emotions can also prevent us from being fooled easily. As situations have shown, many people in negative moods have a tendency to “be less gullible and more skeptical” (David 125). This can not only keep a person safe, but can prevent them from getting lured into gullible situations, like credit card frauds and money scams which are typically seen in today’s society. Thus it is crucial to our daily lives. If we were not alerted of the danger of these situations, then our society would be subjected to even more danger than seen

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