Essay on Effective Interrogation Techniques

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Effective Interrogation Techniques by Law Enforcement
Prof. Lisa Bruno
CRJ 320
November 5, 2012

Interrogation describes the art of convincing an individual to give up information that is perceived to be withheld. Interrogation is commonly employed by law enforcement professionals on suspects from whom information and details pertaining the crimes they are accused of is sought. Interrogations are interviews with a basic goal of establishing a purposeful exchange to obtain information from a target, often perceived aggressive and antagonistic by many (Heuback, 2009).
Interrogation has proven to be an effective means of seeking information since it involves giving a suspect an opportunity to express him or herself to prove their
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In this case, the suspects cited torture as they had been whipped by police officers during interrogation. Consequently, the Supreme Court directed that confession by violence violated the implementation of the Fourteenth Amendment. This trickled down to trial courts where depriving suspects of food, water and sleep during interrogation was deemed as a violation.
A significant violation of suspect’s rights saw the Supreme Court reverse the conviction of Ernesto Miranda, who had confessed to rape during interrogation. Although no violence was involved, the court argued that Miranda was not informed of his rights against self-incrimination (Mount, 2010). Despite the controversy that resulted from the court ruling, law enforcement officers were keen to point out suspect’s rights when making an arrest. Once again, a clarification was made stating that a suspect cannot invoke their right to remain silent by saying nothing.
The above illustrates the significance of a streamlined law enforcement procedure, which seeks to uphold the law that it also faithfully serves. In this regard, effective interrogation techniques need to be utilized in order to act within the laid down foundation on interrogation. Conversely, President Barrack Obama issued an executive order to enhance treatment of detainees and ensure they are treated humanely (The White House, 2009). Modern

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