What Are The Causes Of Wrongful Convictions

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Our current legal systems leads to wrongful conviction, which is a terrible injustice. The legal system does not come to the knowledge of many until a innocent person spends years in prison. There is a rising number of exonerations due to DNA. However, the growth of exonerations is causing more awareness about injustices in our legal system. In many minds there is rise of doubts now about the accuracy of the criminal justice system. Wrongful conviction has become a notable issue, part of the problem is caused by false confessions. A confession is an acknowledging guilt in writing or by speech. In the courtroom a confession is a powerful form of evidence. There are many cases known to be false confessions to a crime not committed by the person due to mental impairment, the threat of a harsh sentence, and because of coercion. False confessions can be caused by mental impairment an individual to believe that he commit the crime. The police interrogation use tactics to cause the innocent suspect to doubt his memory in order for the police to persuade the suspect. During the long period of time, the police constantly blame the suspect of committing the crime, which causes the suspect to thinks that he is genuinely mistaken. One example of an individual facing …show more content…
According to the innocence project, 24 percent of the wrongful convictions reversed by DNA are caused from false confessions. Despite that, many people believe that an individual who is innocent will not falsely confess to police unless he is or mentally ill or physically tortured. This belief has been noted by several scholars and documented in public surveys. Many believe this because most people do not know anything about a police interrogations, and what happens in it. People wrongly assume that the innocent suspect do not help themself by denial and that's why they falsely confessing to a crime that they did not

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