Why People Bully Is Bad

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Why do People Bully?
Why do people bully! In previous articles that read how to understand someone that’s weird behavior the person develops has the intention maintaining his psychological balance and bullying is no exception. People bullying others because they have a certain unbalance in their psyched that can only be fixed when they bully powerless victim. Some people ignore this issue maybe they are not aware of what the impact to people as they encountered bullying. But let us know first, what is Bully? According to Merriam Webster bully defined, one who is habitually cruel, insulting or threatening to others who are weaker, smaller or in some way vulnerable. A lot of people experienced this case especially during childhood life. Bully
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A person might become a bully in order to feel worthy by devaluing the target the bully feels superior and so maintain his self worth and protect his ego. Another reason from bullying is attention seeking some people become bullies because they are desperate in need of attention and bullying case is the only thing they can do to bring some attention to themselves. Psychologists used to believe that bullies have low self-esteem and put them down, it all comes down to fear, Another possibly of the reason being the bullying attitude is that they feel that have no control in their lives The reason for bullying differ from case to another but in the end they all stem from one root which is being abused and miss treated them feeling insecure as a result. When someone is the victim of bullying, he or she might ask their parents, grandparents, or teachers why people become bullies. The truth is there are numerous reasons why people bully their peers. Here are some of the most common reasons. Some people bully because of the status of their home life. They may have absent parents, parents how drink excessively, do drugs, or the parents are abusive. An older sibling(s) bully them on a regular basis. Bullies learn from example. They may have a parent, teacher, or other prominent adult figure in their life who is a bully. Bullies target people they perceive as weak simply because they have a low tolerance for weak people. Bullies enjoy using and dominating others. They also crave the attention of others as well as power over others. Bullies are cruel to others because it makes them feel better than others. It makes them feel smarter or stronger. People bully other people so people do not bully

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