Effective Communication Skills For Students Essay

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Assignment 2
Effective communication skill is one of the essential requirement for teacher. A range of specific skills such as active listening, I statements, open-ended questions, assertive responses, goal-setting, planning and selection of strategies, and plans for follow-up or referral is needed to develop effective communication between teacher and student that can promote student wellbeing. This essay aims to address issues in a proposed scenario and discuss recommended communicative strategies that teacher in the scenario should implement to respond to the student.
Where: A large co-educational secondary school
Who: Maths teacher and student from Year 8 class. What: Teacher response to a student manifesting misbehaviour.

Steve is a year 8 students of a Co-Ed school. He used to act out in the classroom, which interfered his classmates’ learning and the teacher’ teaching. In a Math lesson, when Max, who sitting far in front of Steve’s desk, asked to borrow a pen, Steve threw the pen to him. However, the pen hit on Cindy, who was sitting beside Max. The teacher immediately said, "Steve, stand up and go out" (TS1). Steve replied, "Why me? I didn’t do anything Sir” (SS1). The teacher looked at Steve and said, "You threw the pen” (TS2). “Go out Steve" he continued (TS3). However, Steve still sat at his seat and said, "I did not do anything. Max borrowed my pen" (SS2). "This is not the first time you do this. Go out of the class", the teacher said…

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