Effective Communication : Effective And Appropriate Communication

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Appropriate Communication in the Workplace Effective and appropriate communication is essential to your success in the workplace. With more companies utilizing texting and messaging software as a communication tool to connect employees with their coworkers and superiors, the line between business and social communication has blurred.
Communication is the process of understanding and sharing meaning (1.2 What is Communication?, n.d.). Whether you are communicating interpersonally or through another method, it is essential for you to interpret another person’s message and comprehend the meaning of their message. In return, you share what you are thinking, giving the other person a chance to understand your message (1.2 What is Communication?, n.d.).
According to Bruce Berger (2008), research editor of the Organizational Communication Research Center, “communication helps individuals and groups coordinate activities to achieve goals, and it’s vital in socialization, decision-making, problem-solving and change-management processes.” In the workplace, effective communication between you and coworkers or a supervisor builds trust and can establish a gateway to potential project opportunities (Berger 2008).
Social/Conversational versus Business Communication
In a professional environment, it is important to understand how to communicate appropriately. Social or conversational communication is considered the type of communication one would have with family and/or friends and has…

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