Effective Communication Case Study

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In this task I will explain the principles of effective communication and provide a few examples of each principle, as well as explaining the potential barriers of effective communication.
The communication relies on many different skills in three main areas, and they are as follow:
• General communication skills:

Cultural differences:

Cultural differences exist between people from different nationalities, or even between people from different cities.
These differences can lead to a massive misunderstanding that could have a bad consequences as a result.
The Misunderstanding can happen when people travel to different areas and use some hand gestures that might mean something not appropriate which may lead them into troubles that they don’t
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This shows how to absorb the information about the recipient in order to adapt.

Engaging an audience:

Engaging the audience in critical in every successful presentation, it helps to keeps the audience interested of what the presenter presenting.
There are many different ways to get audience attention such as using of technology and question and answer session at the end of the presentation.
The presenter can make a use of different types of technologies to maintain the interest and attention of the audience such as playing videos, animations or even a sample of product if the presenter presenting product.
Adding to that, nothing makes a good end of any presentation more than question and answer session, which helps to boost the understanding of the audience by giving them the opportunity to interact by asking questions.
On the top of that, having sense of humour / add a fun touch to the presentation which keeps the audience interested of what the presenter saying.

• Interpersonal skills:

Positive and negative
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Potential barriers that might affect the communications are:
Background noises: this can affect the communication a lot by distracting the audience and cause lack of attention. Closing down the windows and doors to block the outside noises might help.
However if that didn’t help, moving away to quieter place if possible might be a good solution for this barrier.
Inside noises: this is just as bad as the outside noises, it causes distraction among the audience or the presenter. This could be caused by someone from the audience using smartphone or other electronic devices.
Poor diet or bad lifestyle: this is one of the main barriers could affect the communications because if the person does not have a good diet or enough sleep he or she might lose concentration and prevent the communicator to communicate effectively. This due the bad lifestyle they have which makes it difficult to concentrate.
Adding to that all these barriers we have mentioned before such as spelling and grammar mistakes, negative language, bad body language and not having basic knowledge about different

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