Effective Communication Between Patients And Health Care Providers

740 Words Nov 9th, 2016 3 Pages
Effective communication between patients and health care providers is crucial to quality health care and patient satisfaction (Markova & Broome, 2007). In order to be a good communicator, you must first be a good listener. Effective communication has more to do with listening than any other thing. Paying attention to a person 's needs as they are being communicated, is one of the most important way to make sure your care and information is relevant and helpful for them in their current state. Secondly, the quality of information exchanged during an assessment is essential in establishing a good rapport with the patient and is neccessary in making an accurate assessment of their condition considering all aspects both of their problems - physical and psychosocial. Asking what is going on, how they feel, being personable and providing genuine empathy goes a long way in promoting effective communication (Markova & Broome 2007). Honesty, responsiveness, and taking into account their cultural background are also important ways to improve communication. We also need to be aware of communication issues within our patient population regarding health care literacy. The realization that many people may be ashamed to acknowledge that they have trouble understanding health-related information and terminology yet won 't ask for needed help is immense. According to the National Institute of Health, health literacy is a major risk factor for poor health…

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