Effective Communication And The Nurse Client Relationship Essay

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Many professions rely on effective communication in order to function. Nursing is one of those professions. Nurses use communication everyday in order to make sure that their patient is safe and puts their trust in the nurse. There are many positive nurse-client interactions that can enhance effective communication. Therapeutic communication is an important tool in the nursing profession. It provides nurses with a pathway to build trust and understanding with the patient. It was vital to understand the basics of therapeutic communication to understand when to use it. There are many techniques of therapeutic communication that can enhance the nurse client relationship. As student nurses it is important for us to learn about them all and use them as often as we can. On the other side, nurses also need to understand non therapeutic communication and how it can lead to leaving a patient feeling like they cannot conversate with the nurse.
Using positive regard can enhance the student nurse-client relationship because the nurse is showing her respect for the client and everything that they stand for. The nurse accepts the client regardless of the race, religion, culture, ethnic background, or what country they came from (D’Amico & Barbarito, 2016, pg.113). When a patient can sense positive regard in a nurse they are more likely to engage in conversation about how they are feeling which starts to build trust.
Another professional characteristic that can build trust between…

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