Effective Classroom : An Effective Teacher At The Beginning Of The School Year

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Effective teachers can establish a well-managed classroom and empower students through the evidence-based practices of positive behavior support using scientific and artistic methods. Such evidence-based classroom practices as compiled in the Effective Classroom PBS Plan include creating a classroom community, maximizing structure and predictability, posting and teaching expectations, and using a continuum of strategies to acknowledge appropriate or inappropriate behavior some of which may be proactive or reactive. Teachers who are not empowering students are likely engaged in practices that are ineffective, resulting in the opposite effect of disempowerment. Professional practices should be frequently evaluated to determine if the actions are empowering or disempowering.
Empowered Classrooms
Creating a classroom community is both a science and an art. Research has found that something as simple as an introduction by a teacher at the beginning of the school year can have a lasting impact on students (Kerr & Nelson, 2010). Beginning early work towards establishing a relationship with students is an art. Peterson (1992) explains how caring relationships can be created through elements such as ceremony, ritual, rite, celebration, and play. An established residency based on those caring relationships helps student become empowered with a confidence and a comfort level that allows sharing of feelings and thoughts, risk taking, and acceptance of critique (Peterson, 1992).…

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