Essay Effective And Ineffective Therapeutic Communication

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Therapeutic communication is the process that assists a client in their understanding while considering their emotional and physical in an ethical and safe way this is done using both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques(Candlin, 2008). Throughout the Movie WIT (Wit 2001) both effective and ineffective therapeutic communication is demonstrated using a scene in which Jason Posner is interviewing Vivian Bearing as an example it becomes evident at how effective communication and can assist in making a client feel more secure but also demonstrates how ineffective communication and be detrimental towards progress this is displayed through both verbal and non-verbal communication.

In the film WIT Dr Jason Posner conducts a medical exam on bearing in this scene there are both effective and ineffective communication skills. When communicating posers non-verbal communication is poor. An effective non-verbal communication skill that is used when communicating with a patient is the SOLER method sit square open posture lean towards the client eye contact and relax (Egan, 2014). In this scene Posner is sitting on a slight angle to Bearing this is ideal as patients may sometimes find it intimidating facing directly towards them. An open posture is usually preferred poser had his legs crossed which is considered a closed position and less inviting. Leaning in towards a patient demonstrates that you are interested poser was slightly fidgety and normally seemed uninterested in…

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