Effective And Effective Communication Skills Essay

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Effective communication skills are essential in legal practice. The elements of listening, feedback and questioning skills demonstrate respect, understanding and facilitate effective advocacy. Listening skills create a connection between the solicitor and client, and helps communicate respect and interest in their issues. Understanding can also be demonstrated by giving the client feedback, while also encouraging them to share relevant information. Questioning is important to facilitate effective advocacy because it is essential to obtain the problem’s details and have specific instructions in order to represent their client effectively. These skills in combination allow solicitors to be effective in their roles and be a comprehensive asset to clients.
Listening, which must not be confused with mere hearing, is the deliberate process by which we receive interpret and remember aural information (Eunson 2012). While it communicates respect and interest, it is also vital for receiving information for a solicitor; the first stage of a legal interview requires the solicitor to listen to their client’s problem with minimum interjection (Hyams, Campbell & Evans 2014). If lawyers cannot accurately receive information by listening, they have wasted their client’s and their time (Lewis, Kyrou & Dinelli 2004). Wolski (2009) subcategorises listening itself into the skills of attending, following and reflecting, where following and reflecting will be discussed as feedback. Attending…

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