Essay about Effect Of Self Pressure On College Students

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Throughout college many students struggle with obstacles, due to these obstacles college students endure a lot of pressure. When people encounter pressure it has a tendency to affect their self-improvement. There are many forms of pressure, for example, self pressure, peer pressure, and pressure from one 's elders. According to Roth, pressure can be defined as something to do with morals. Morals then can be defined as, “deciding for yourself if you are going to violate any boundaries. If doing requires trespassing, then perhaps it is time to change your intention from doing to not doing” (Roth 107). In order for a student to improve one’s self, they must learn to decipher and learn to refrain from these types of pressure.

Self pressure is practically human nature. Everyone wants to strive for excellence and success. Everyone forces pressure upon themselves because of the goals they set and nothing is worse than not achieving a goal. When people are under self pressure they force stress upon themselves. Due to the stress and self pressure people damper on improving themselves. This occurs because of the failure, the desire to do your best, and to impress others. In an article called conquer yourself, conquer the world the author says, "People with good control over their thought processes, emotions and behaviors not only flourish in school and in their jobs but are also healthier, wealthier and more popular" (Baumeister). This goes hand in hand with pressure because while…

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