Effect Of Global Warming Essay

For decades, global warming has rapidly changed the climate and environment on earth. The major cause for global warming is the greenhouse gases which are mostly made up of carbon dioxide. This affects our planet, animals, environment, which causes: droughts, heat waves, and other heat related phenomenon's. To eliminate global warming, we need to work together to preserve our planet. What we need to do is reduce our water waste, drive fuel efficient vehicles and reduce the carbon output. Today, due to increase of greenhouse gases on Earth. Which is made up of Carbon Dioxide, methane, Nitrous oxide, Fluorinated gases get trap the atmosphere which causes plenty of problems to our planet. Human-enhanced actions cause a percentage of the greenhouse effect by burning oil, coal, fossil fuels, and gas. Greenhouse gases trap the sunlight rays that make it to our surface and stay in our atmosphere instead of bouncing into space as usual. Which is causing heat waves across the globe and warmer temperatures all year long. Everyone does not understand that Global warming is an issue and it's …show more content…
To protect our ecosystem, we need to educate the whole world since it doesn't only take place in the United States. Other countries like China is one of the largest coal burning counties. To reduce global warming, we would have to reduce transportation by taking less frequent trips on: airplanes, trains, cars, ships and trucks. We need to drive less and carpool because it would be more efficient to take 4 people in one car rather than taking 4 cars with a person in each so we don't quadruple the rate of gases going into the atmosphere. As generations gone by, people tend not to walk or ride a bicycle around town since it is so much easier to hop in the car and get to the next destination, when it is so much easier than we think to save the earth by just changing a few daily

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