Educational Programs Should Be Expanded Within The Correctional Settings

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In summary, after the information, research, and Figure 1 are presented, correctional policy makers should have an easier decision in determining if educational programs can be expanded within the correctional settings. From this research, educational programs do in fact reduce recidivism, and go almost hand in hand with vocational programs. These programs both require professional educators, as well as monetary resources. However, if the criminal justice system can provide comprehensive educational programs, this system will see the reduction in prison admissions and re-admissions. Therefore, there will be less over-crowding and there will be less money consumed each year to house an inmate. Overall, this seems to be a logical decision for correctional policy makers to expand educational programs, which will help the criminal justice system overall.
INCORPORATING FAMILY Having family support when an offender is in prison can change the outcome for this offender in a positive way. Spjeldnes et al., (2012) proposed that, “high positive support from family members will be associated with less criminogenic behavior.” Therefore, the researchers conducted a study, and looked further into this occurrence. The support of family members has shown to positively impact the general population within the correctional setting to recidivate less. Also, having family as well as other relationships aids the offender in a positive post-release lifestyle. A review conducted from…

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