Educational Program Addressing Domestic Violence Essay

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The SCCDVDRT has made the recommendation annual that an educational program addressing domestic violence be established in the schools. This education program would not only cover how to handle parents who are in a domestic violence, but as children become teenagers, how to prevent themselves from getting into and being in a violent relationship. If educators were present in the Council and/or Team they would be able to provide feedback for successful or successful programs, or if the programs exist at all. The team would see that if educational programs were established over the past 25 years that the annual reports would indicate a need to update curriculum with new findings, as opposed to just establishing the program. With the recommendation, still being to establish the program it makes it seem as if there has been no action on the recommendations. If there is to be no action taken after the recommendation, there is no need to make the recommendation. If educators are brought into the conversation, it allows them to give feedback on the education that is being provided in the schools. The reporting allows the team to say what has been successful and what hasn’t been. In addition, the report also allows them to aid in keeping the curriculum current with The SCCDVDRT and Domestic Violence Council’s recommendations.
If a child is raised in a home full of violence they are often predisposed to have violence in their life as adults. The stress and anxiety become familiar and…

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