Educational Philosophy : Education And Education Essay

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Regardless of whether educators understand it or not, educational philosophies govern the way education takes place. Today, many educators develop a set of these philosophies that they believe govern their classrooms, and it is truly up to the individual to develop his or her own educational philosophies according to their own influences and understandings. In my personal experiences, I found that the educational philosophies that I would like to adopt are genuinely starting to evolve; and as a future educator, I think it is my job to “take stock of my beliefs, established from many philosophers and schools of philosophy, and of my students” (Hall, Quinn, & Gollnick, 2016) in order that I may continue to develop my own educational philosophy, which I believe is to foster knowledge in the minds of the students for success in the future. Before I develop my understanding of this specific educational philosophy, I need to establish what I think should be included in my understanding of the purpose of today’s schools. First and foremost, I believe that the purpose of today’s schools is to adopt a learning environment where every student can have the opportunity to advance his or her knowledge of the contemporary world. Largely, I believe that Dewey’s idea that schools “should teach children not what to think, but how to think through continuous reconstruction of experience” (Hall et al., 2016) should be at the epicenter in our understanding of the purpose of today’s schools.…

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