Educational Debate : Education And Education Essay

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Educational Debate Education is an important aspect in today 's society. A good education leads to a successful career which leads to a successful life. Not only is education important in today 's society, but social skills are also equally important and you do not receive these vital skills in homeschooling. Parents should choose public schooling for their children because their child will receive a better education, receive important social skills, and have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. Education in the public school is a better option because the child receives a better education. For teachers to be allowed to teach in the public school system, they must receive years of training. They continue to receive training by attending workshops and courses whenever possible to stay current on education trends and research(Amy Ryan). Amy Ryan stated, “many homeschool parents think they can teach simply because they went to school, but just because a person has visited a doctor, does not mean they know how to perform surgery. I mean no insult, but in the same way that seeing a doctor doesn’t qualify you to be one, simply going to school doesn’t prepare you to properly teach it.” A family I know has chosen to homeschool their children, and they live in a family with six children. All six of the children are homeschooled ranging in grade levels from a preschooler all the way up to a senior. I know that the children are deprived of the education they…

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