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In our present educational reforms, one of the hot issues is the K-12 program and the use of the Mother Tongue as a mode of instruction in all subjects except for English and Filipino. The study focuses on the issues and the challenges of the primary teachers in using mother tongue as a mode of instruction in teaching Mathematics. The sample comprised of 10 primary teachers from one of the central public schools in Davao City. Interview protocol and structured questionnaire were the data collection instruments. The researchers found out that the use of mother tongue in teaching mathematics may not be achieved soon. The Sinugbuanong
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Both first language and second language are then used together for instruction to the end of primary school. In an environment where MTB-MLE is used, the education system will typically use a language other than a student's mother tongue as the language of instruction at some point in the primary or secondary cycle. The language is often a national or a colonial language that many children may have limited knowledge of or ability to use, and generally not to the same level of proficiency as with their mother tongue (MTB-MLE FAQs Copyright @ 2014 MTB MLE Network).
Providing education in children’s first language, while at the same time providing them with support to learn a second language of wider communication, has several advantages: it increases access to school, as well as promotes equity in learning; it leads to improved learning outcomes; it reduces repetition and drop-out rates; and it can lead to lower education costs due to greater efficiency. In one study, analysis of data from 22 developing countries and 160 language groups revealed that children who had access to instruction in their mother tongue were significantly more likely to be enrolled and attending school. Conversely, lack of education in a child’s first language was a significant reason for children dropping out. Additionally, teaching children to read in their first language helps them to learn to read a second language, because language skills

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