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Final Benchmark Assessment: Individual Reflection Essay

As a leader today, there are many challenges that you are faced with. The Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) is a program that has standards for school leaders to follow. The six standards are to be used as guides to make sure the organization runs smoothly. If ever the organization gets off track, the ISLLC standards can also be used as tools to get the organization back on track. These standards also keep the community informed and a part of the decision making process.

Final Benchmark Assessment: Individual Reflection Essay The purpose of this essay is to show possible solutions to
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dyslexia) done in order to pinpoint the problem. To make sure that this is done, there should be meetings held at the beginning, middle, and end of the year in. At each meeting, data should be presented as proof. This information should be passed on to the next teacher so that they know which avenues to take in order for the student to achieve progress and growth. With this process each student that has been tracked should be able to achieve success in the classroom as a regular student, an inclusion student, or through other services provided by the school.
Standard 3 Another major challenge facing the leadership at my school is the lack of extra help or tutoring that students with academic struggles receive. A lot of times, these services are not provided due to funding issues. In order for students to receive extra help and tutoring services, it has to be allocated in the budget. Most school leaders do not consider those services to be important. This is where Standard 3 is reflected. Each year I would have teachers turn in the number of students that were retained or placed because of academic struggles. From that number I would determine the number of tutors needed to service those students. I would then take a portion of the budget to hire those personnel on. If the number is too large, I would then use the Instructional Aides that are already on campus to service the remaining students. If needed, I would use teachers for

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