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Early Childhood Education
Joy Richardson

Early Childhood Education
Essential Elements Defining Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education has a very wide coverage including: 1) having to teach the young ones the importance of forming attachments with other people like playing with other children, communicating with other individuals, and eventually to learn how to maintain relationships which are bound to last for a long time or forever; 2) having to develop their physical skills; 3) teaching them what makes sense by developing their intellectual abilities; 4) polishing their talents, for instance, in music or art or reading or writing or singing; and 5) expanding their emotional
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Successful Early Childhood Educator’s Traits / Qualities / Professional Dispositions The challenges above-mentioned and the others which will present it in the future are bound to be dealt with easily especially if the Early Childhood Educator is focused and motivated to be successful. He or she would have to possess the following characteristics in order to make it: 1) The Early Childhood Educator would have to be flexible; he or she should accept constructive criticism and help improve himself or herself in a professional manner. 2) He or she should also participate in solving the critical issues involved; for example, he or she should help in the development of the statewide quality rating and improvement systems, as well as, in the subsidy-related issues. 3) He or she should also be patient; he or she should remember that benefits, respect, and career advancement will surely come later. His or her primary objective should be the kind of learning that he or she will impart to the child. 4) He or she should always be passionate about his or her job to be able to enjoy it and continuously offer excellent service for those in need of it (Ginsberg, n.d., p. 40).
Role of Early Childhood Education An Early Childhood Educator

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