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Explaining Unemployment: An Analysis on State Unemployment Rates Rachel Schlesselman Creighton University

Introduction and Research Question Mississippi has 48,434 square miles of land. The state flower is the magnolia. Hawaii has only 6, 423 square miles of land and the yellow hibiscus as the state flower. These states are very different in many aspects; their populations, products, and geography are all very different. States are very unique and while national averages can give a general understanding of these separate entities, how are we to be sure it is an accurate account. The national average for unemployment in August of 2006 was at 4.7 percent. This does not adequately represent the unemployment rates for Mississippi or
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I hypothesize that the variation in unemployment rates among states is in response to the minimum wage of those states. States with minimum wage legislation that set the minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour will have a higher unemployment rate than states whose minimum wage legislation is the same as the federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour. Simply stated, as minimum wage increases, unemployment rates will also increase. I also hypothesize that states with lower education levels well have a higher unemployment rate than states with higher education levels. Education levels are defined, for the purpose of this study, as the percent of the population with specific degrees achieved. As more of the population gets more education in any given state, unemployment rates will decrease.

Significance of Question
The obvious importance of this question applies to economists and legislatures of individual states. The conclusions of this data could affect change in current minimum wage legislation and education requirements that states have in place. But it is important outside that realm as well. The question goes back to national statistics and policies. If the conclusions are statistically significant, legislatures on a national level could look at the current federal legislation,

referendums and initiatives, in hopes of

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