Education : The Common Core Standards Essay

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Most curriculums in education are set by some form of standards. Standards are necessary to outline what students should be learning and what the teachers should be teaching. Without standards, there would be no way to gauge what students have learned in order to progress successfully. Social studies is guided by three different sets of standards. They include Common Core standards, National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) standards, and the Mississippi Social Studies Frameworks. These sets of standards have similarities, but mostly differ in what they deem important and useful for students as they learn about social studies in the classroom.
There are many differences among the Common Core standards, NCSS standards, and MS Social Studies Frameworks. The Common Core standards never directly address a social studies topic. Social studies is referred to as “informational texts”, which undermines the importance of learning about social studies. With Common Core standards, students are groomed more toward the reading and writing aspect and not so much toward the learning about people, places, and other social studies topics. The NCSS standards directly address different objectives and the roles they should play in a social studies education. The MS Social Studies Frameworks is similar to the NCSS standards in this way. The MS frameworks outline five content strands that are implemented in the social studies curriculum. The NCSS standards are similar to some of…

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