Education School At The University Of Southampton Essay

1002 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 null Page
The lecture on this week was the most wonderful and amazing session as we got an awesome opportunity to meet with Professor Daniel Muijs, the director of research within Southampton Education School at the University of Southampton. I felt very lucky and proud to join the Professor Daniel’s lecture. In the same time, it also provided us a good opportunity to learn and share opinions about the research together with the PHD students in his lecture.
Before the third session class started, we are required to read and summarize an article which related to the professional learning community (PLC) and share the key ideas with other group members. During the preparation time, we faced some difficulties and struggled in gather the key ideas about the article. We tried to read through the article a few times, draw out the mind map and exchange the opinions among the group members. Finally, we were able to identify the themes, main points and conclusion of the article. I noticed that this task was a good practice for us when we asked to prepare and write our own literature review later. So, I was tried my best to prepare and summarize it well so that I can share and explore my understanding with my course mate when the third session class started.
The third session class was started with the fantastic lecture conducted by Professor Daniel. Before the lecture started, I met with the PHD students who are the persons we never met before. All of them are friendly and it can say that…

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