Education: My Goal Of Education As A Teacher

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Helping others should be a priority for those who are able to do so. Helping others is my goal in life and I want achieve this goal through volunteer work and teaching. Teachers have the most important job in the world because they have capability to influence children more than anyone else. Education is a lifelong journey that takes place in our homes, workplaces, and school. Education provides a thorough background in social, cultural, and academic areas. These skills must be passed on to each student, despite his or her background or intellectual challenges. In order for the goal of education to be accomplished, teachers must be willing to challenge, support, and encourage their students. Becoming a teacher is important to me because I feel like I can accomplish more as an educator than I could as anything else. I believe that I have the capabilities of being a successful educator. Education is more than standards and test scores. Although these contribute to the concept of education in our society, education has a much deeper meaning than that. A child’s education needs a foundation of concepts in areas …show more content…
Kevin was my first student, so to speak. I’ve grown up alongside him, helping him read and write. The time I spent helping my brother made me discover the enjoyment I received from assisting others in their education. Tutoring my peers throughout middle school and high school led me to work as a teacher’s aide in high school and as a volunteer for a third grade teacher now. Although these acts are just the beginning of my teaching career, I strive to be the best teacher I can be. I hope that my patience, desire to learn, and open-mindedness will allow me to be not only a teacher, but a mentor, to my students. My goal as an educator is to inspire and support my students along their journey to become the best that they can

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