The Role Of Becoming A Teacher

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About 39% of teachers want a different job and 45% are dissatisfied with their current job. With these numbers in mind, we should be worried about who is going to be teaching your child. Teachers are entering the workforce only to leave a short time after. New teachers should have the focus and passion to stay in the field they studied for. In order to insure future candidates for education remain in education, they should go into a mentorship before they get to college. This epidemic has changed the game for new teachers in the past 20 years drastically. This topic is one that speaks to me on an important level. Due to the fact that I have wanted to be a teacher for a few years now, I am worried that I will be one of the teachers that try …show more content…
Understanding job specific struggles will help teacher candidates manage the duties they think they are ready to handle on their own. Not to mention the fact that different students require different types of learning environments. Again, As a previous teacher, Ms. Jill Hare gave many tips in ‘15 Things I Wish I 'd Known Before Becoming a Teacher’ that made perfect sense.“Teachers are always needed, but what kind of teacher and where varies widely depending on area growth, retirement rate [...]” There is more to the equation than a student though. Having parents involved with their children’s education is every teachers dream, until it goes awry. “Teacher training doesn’t focus a lot of time on how teachers can best work with parents, but it’s a crucial part being a teacher. [...] parents yell at me, cry in front of me, hit on me, and even practically stalk me on my cell phone. Setting boundaries with parents in the early years is a struggle.” Having the experience as a young adult in the classroom with a seasoned veteran gives lessons that college could not hope to achieve. Because again, teaching is not an exact science. Being a student is the same thing in high school and college; you are not the professional that parents hand their kids over to every day. You hope to be one day, but until then you only understand things from one prospective. “Most people relate to teachers from their experiences as students [...] they might not fully understand our teaching jobs.” It all comes with

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