Essay on Education Is Vital For Success

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a) Growing in this group has a lot to do with my character. I was raised as a Muslim, in a culture where values and traditions are very important and constitute a part of who we are.
I liked the family gatherings and environment I had back home, the food, being together and close to one another and having strong relationships as our manners, as Muslims, urge us to communicate and connect with each other, to help one another, to be compassionate and kind, to be peaceful and not hurt others. Living in a working class, middle class family, it was important to learn to be strong and fight to survive. Education is crucial back home for success.
As many Palestinians were driven out of Palestine by the Israeli occupation, we were raised to love and not forget our homeland, Palestine, which is an integral part of us that we cannot forget.
b) I grew up in a middle-class family, with a hardworking father who had no education. This has shaped my personality a lot since having education and working hard was very important. Also, I, as a Muslim male man, have to be in charge of my family, providing for it and protecting it.
Having the passion to love and help other people inspired me to get into this field to be able to help others who immigrate to Canada and have to start from ground zero and fight oppression that is hidden and woven into the society.
I, for example, had a good life back home after getting my bachelor of Education. I was a successful teacher, and I worked in…

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