Essay on Education Is The Key For The Golden Door Of Freedom

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George Washington Carver once said, “ Education is the key to the golden door of freedom.” The education that we receiveThus we see that education does not simply shape our teenage years, but rather has the ability to follows us into the business world, where we are often categorized by our degrees of higher education. More often than not, our education may be the magical key that determines our social mobilitycan either fit the lock to our social mobility or break it. Our current educational system stems back to Victorian England, where it affected English society through the change of education over time, levels of education, and women’s roles in the school system. Throughout the Victorian era, education changed and grew in thoroughness and depth. Prior to the 1850s, learning took place in churches or other public institutions, and education was optional. However, starting in 1851, education became prioritized by the English government; 265, 500 pounds were devoted to the education system as a grant. The amount of money granted to the public education system continued to grow, reaching a peak of 973,950 pounds, but was redirected following the start of the Crimean War in order to provide for the demands of the military. Following the end of the war, education grants were only provided to schools that could prove legitimacy in the form of students attending at least 140 days a year and qualified teachers. Teachers were appointed by examiners from the County Board of…

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