Essay on Education Is The Best Education System

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From the age of 4 years to 18 years, and then years beyond that, children learn how to read, write, think, and make solutions to problems. The way it is taught varies around the world, and although some may claim they have the best education system, they may not be always right. Education for students is to give them the knowledge so that they can use it on later in life. But somethings just cannot be taught. Whether because there is no answers, or just because it is censored and not taught.. Students are not being exposed to the whole story. They are usually taught only one perspective and not the other. Things deemed to graphics are left out of the curriculum. To remedy this, schools should either only present age-appropriate material and explain to students that there is another side, or teach the more graphic stuff later in a student’s educational career. Another problem involving education, is how the school system defines a student. Students with the highest grade and a 4.0 GPA are considered the best and the brightest. Those who even want to achieve higher aim to become valedictorian. But getting there is not and should not be easy. The problem is, students are more focused on the grades and their standing rather than the actual material being taught in the class. The reason for being taught things is to use them later on in life. It isn’t really for seeing who can get the best possible grade. “Sugar-coating” historical events is easily done in many social studies…

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