Education Is Essential For Achieving A Stable Economy Essays

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More than 20 million people in the United States attend colleges and universities each year to earn a degree. This generates more job opportunities and higher salaries, creates job stability, and builds better networking capabilities. Many people who attend a college or university consider it a gateway to obtaining a better life because they pursue their dreams and try to make them a reality. Colleges and universities exploit this to make a profit. They capitalize on the ample resources at their institution to entice prospective students to attend, and it does not come at an affordable cost. College and university costs are soaring and out of control as tuition rates increase year after year, therefore, increasing chances of students acquiring debt and impeding efficiency in America. Education is an essential component in life because it gives people the skills and tools they need to navigate the world, but if tuition keeps skyrocketing to prices that are unaffordable it might destroy most college and university students’ opportunity of obtaining financial relief after graduation.
Education is essential to achieving a stable economy. An education provides basic proficiency in English, mathematics, and communication for students to survive as adults in society. Adam Davidson, who is the author of “Is College Tuition Really Too High,” expresses his perspective on college education. According to Davidson, “Workers with more education are more productive, which makes companies…

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