Essay about Education Is An Indispensable Human Right

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Education is a fundamental human right and every child deserves to be educated by highly effective teachers. Education is an indispensable human right. Educators are the crucial connection to conveying a quality education to all students. Education for All can only take place if every classroom is equipped with a highly effective, trained teacher. Teachers must be better prepared to teach students universally. Teachers have the single greatest effect on student learning. The accessibility of all around prepared, inspired and bolstered educators, supporting and stable learning situations and satisfactory learning materials are among the elements that prompt powerful teaching and positive learning results. Teacher preparation program and professional development in Ghana are vital to teacher effectiveness and the impact both have on student learning and student achievement. In 2002, the Presidential Committee on Education in Ghana, suggested a major review and approach to reform teacher education being that the role of the teacher is very crucial to the success of teaching and learning and that it is relevant to the development of the country.
Summary of the Problem
The dynamic of society has changed tremendously over the years. Therefore, education has to change to meet the societal changes within communities. Teacher education has to change as well based on the dynamical changes in society. Teachers in Ghana go through several procedures before acquiring their…

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