Education Is An Important Tool For Success Essay

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Education is an important tool to success. The educational system should focus on getting young people prepared to be independent and to have early experience, and not to worry about having to pass an exam. I feel that students are only educated to pass an exam and are not taught to take the courses into their daily lives. An exam required by the state may discriminate by making a student feel they are not intelligent enough even though they are in order to move on to the next grade. This increases their anxiety and does not prepare them for the real world.
Education is about preparing students for intelligence and concepts that we need to know, especially when it comes to wanting to find ourselves. Learning different courses is what the educational system is supposed to worry about; assuring that students are making positive decisions with their future rather than dropping out because of their lost for hope. There is a high ratio of students that drop-out of school because they cannot pass state exams, but they are intelligent even to understand the topics they are learning.
Students should not have to stress themselves about trying to pass an exam that will determine their life. I feel that teaching to the test puts pressure on students because they have to excel in their career of choice from kindergarten to a graduate student in college.
Through my years of education, I have been more focused on what careers I wanted to share interest in, rather than trying to focus on…

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