Essay on Education Is An Important Aspect Of American Society

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Education is an important aspect of American society. Attending college is arguably one of the best decisions a person can make, towards their future. Going to college has many benefits. For example going to college helps when pursuing a professional career and helps build strong long-term confidence. In addition to that college or higher education teaches students to become more responsible and prepares them for real world problems in different ways. A college education can bring many “blessings” so to speak, like: money, stability, knowledge and even family. Higher education allows you to develop skills and master new concepts.
In the U.S it is becoming more difficult to get a high paying job without at least a Bachelor’s degree. In the past, most high-income jobs did not require their workers to have a college education. Workplace responsibilities both have and are becoming more complicated and requiring stronger critical thinking skills than readily available within recent high school graduates. According to the article Distracted: The erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age, “ many U.S high school students can’t assess information, express complex thought; or analyze arguments.”(271) Students with high school diplomas do not have all the specific skills needed to perform their duties. For example, say an average high school graduate applies for a job as a bank teller. Say said the high school graduate has an excellent interview, but only a high school diploma.…

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