Determination In Education

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Education is valued all around the world, but what is the most important component of a good education? The main component of an education is evaluation The ultimate component of a good education is determination. Determination is having the motivation to aspire to grow more intellectually. Malcolm X , Frederick Douglass, and Helen Keller were determined to be educated no matter what kind of circumstances they were facing.
Malcolm X became educated by his determination to learn how to write well, be more articulate and even able to understand what he was reading while in prison. Malcolm X stated, “I saw that the best thing I could do was to get a hold of a dictionary- to study, to learn some words.” (p.1) He already knew that
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For instance, “Tough conscious of the difficulty of learning without a teacher, I set out with high hope, and a fixed purpose, at whatever cost of trouble, to learn how to read.”(p.1) Douglass had hopes that he would learn how to read even without having a teacher he knew the difficulties, but he was motivated to learn how to read. He learned through the little poor white boys. “The argument which he so warmly urged, against, my learning to read, only served to inspire me with a desire and determination to learn.”(p.2) Douglass master did not want Douglass to be educated but it only served Douglass with the determination to learn. He wanted to do what he was not allowed to do with was hard for him at that time. “I wished to learn how to write, as I might have occasion to write my own pass. I consoled myself with the hope that I should one day find a good chance. Meanwhile, I would learn to write.” (p.5) Douglass had already learned how to read but he felt like he needs more and that is when his desire to learn how to write grew. He wanted to reflect on what he had been through. Learning to write took Douglass a long time, but his determination allowed him to become successful. “I used to spend the time in writing in the spaces left in master Thomas copy-book, copying what he had written. I continued to do this until I could write a hand similar to that of Master Thomas. Thus, after a long, tedious effort for …show more content…
If we do not have that then how are we able to learn. Malcolm X wanted to improve himself and by doing that he self-taught himself with a dictionary, tablet, and pencil. He was a result able to read and understand what he was reading and convey what he wanted to convey in letters. Frederick Douglass, on the other hand, was determined to learn besides his circumstance he was a slave and slave were not allowed to read or write and he found ways to learn because he wanted to be educated. According to How people learn one 's willingness allow one to be able to learn and our attitude plays a role in our drive to learn. Helen Keller was determined to learn even besides her disability and as a result, she was able to go to college and graduated with honors. Therefore the ultimate component of a good education is

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