Parental Involvement Analysis

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Parents are important like the students. It is important that parents are being encouraged and being more involved with the school and their child’s education. Parent involvement decreases when the student gets older. However, it is not to late. No matter how old the student may be, it is important that we get the parents together and get them involved. It is possible for parents to be motivated and schools can encourage them. “Schools can increase the involvement of parents in many ways, including things like participation on committees, attendance at special days and events, taking part in programs, and helping out with events such as excursions and fetes” (Raising Children Network, 2014). It is the schools duty to keep the parents in the loop on things. If parents are not …show more content…
This will allow the educator to discuss privately how their child is doing in. Also, this will allow the parent and teacher to connect and to have a good relationship. A good relationship is important between the parent and teacher because they support the same child. So the two need to maintain a good relationship for the student. “A positive and supportive school culture will bolster academic achievement and minimize behavioral problems. Parental involvement is crucial to building this culture. Kids need to know they 're not making their life journey alone” (Burdett, 2015). It is important for parents to show up to the parent and teacher conferences. This gives the educator a chance to show the parent their child’s work and discuss the improvements the child has made. Also, this give them face to face time with one another. Teachers can leave positive notes for the student in their folder, but they can also write one for the parents as well. Keeping the parent up to date is important so they know what it is going on or what is going to happen. When everyone is informed, no one is being left

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