Classroom Management Plan

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The first step in classroom behavioral and management starts from day one. Classroom management is the process by which schools and teachers create and maintain appropriate behavior of students in the classroom environment. The teacher is responsible for all the students that are on the class roaster assigned to them first, and the other students in the school there after. To have an effective, successful classroom the teacher must be prepared to teach and keep the students engaged. Upon receiving the students the teacher must outline the expectations, class rules and get to know the students name on the first day. I know that may be a challenge to learn every one of the student’s name on the first day; however the students will feel a sense …show more content…
Including parents in your classroom plans, inviting them to participate in school activities will make for a calm classroom. When parents are welcomed by the teacher that forms a relationship and the parent will not be on the defensive when it is time to make that phone call. Parents can be a teacher’s and schools best friend when it comes to classroom discipline. Teaching is not just confined to the classroom, but the teacher needs to collaborate with the other teachers, administrators, custodial staff and secretary of the school. The teacher needs to get acquainted with the local community and business in the area. This will allow the teacher resources needed to help aide in the students learning. The more supplies and resources that are available to the teacher and for the classroom the more assignments and research and learning can take place. Because teachers must keep the students engaged every day in the class assignments the teacher must find ways to keep the students busy and interested in the classwork. Teachers must continue to go to professional development classes to bring new and innovative ideas to the …show more content…
When selecting texts and reading materials, make sure the language is gender-neutral and free of stereotypes and not offensive to others. The curriculum needs to reflect the perspective and experiences of a pluralistic society. As the educator the teacher must educate the students on cultural literary or historical events and not assume the students are familiar with the subject because the teacher knows it. Invite guest that will come foster the diversity in the classroom. Make your classroom inviting by displaying student’s work and have a variety of themes and cultures on display in the room. Creating and managing classroom behavior may be challenging, but it can be done. Be professional; keep your opinions to yourself foster relationships, respect all students, and include parents in school events will reduce negative behavior and increase positive learning. In my final thought, the teacher has control of the classroom. The rules must be stated clearly and explicitly. They must be posted so all can see. The rules must be enforced and consistent. Punishment and rewards must be given as enforce the policy. Students must feel safe, and the teacher is in control of creating a safe engaging

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