Essay on Education Is An Aspect Of Almost Everyone 's Life

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Learning is an aspect of nearly everyone’s life. In the United States of America, the basic high school education is available to whomever wants to put in the effort to pursue it. The right to a Free Appropriate Public Education is something that many take for granted. There is a slight problem; Benjamin Barber argues Americans as a whole do not care about education. The educational system lacks funding and slowly falls apart. Additionally, students and most of America do not care about the educational system. The citizens’ care of education is displayed by their lack of attention to the entity as a whole. Many students, once completed with their education, cease to care about the education of future students, not realizing that the education of future generations will benefit them as well. Compared to other nations, America has fallen behind in education and, “the National Commission on Excellence in Education warned that America’s pedagogical inattention was putting America ‘at risk’ what the commission called ‘a rising tide of mediocrity’”. Teachers in America do not always utilize the most effective methods of instruction. Which leads to apathy and results in a decline of expectations. There is no reformation occurring to make the education system better. The blame falls on the fact that the standards for a basic education, as well as a higher education, are lower than that of other nations. Individuals that notice the lack of education in the current system…

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