Essay about Education Is A Key Fundamental Source For Learning

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Introduction Education is a key fundamental source for learning from primary school all the way through graduate school. Many students upon completing high school enroll and start in a community college, but many do not finish. This is a problem that needs to be addressed. In high school the students have their hands held and upon finishing are left with little or no direction when starting college. Many are still immature and without additional support and guidance they get lost in the system of education. There needs to be a change to keep these students engaged and one way is by getting them involved in learning communities. Learning communities are “the purposeful restructuring of the curriculum by linking or clustering courses that enroll a common cohort of students” (Brint and Karabel).
The graduation rates at community colleges are low, along with the length of time to finish the curriculum taking an excessive amount of time. Of the students that enter in a fall semester after high school only three-fourths return for the spring semester. In addition only thirty-nine percent of the students that enter postsecondary institutions graduate within six years (Kolodner, 2015). In California seventy percent of the community college students fail to graduate or transfer (Chen, 2016.) In order to correct this situation the reasons need to be determined of what is happening at these institutions. Community colleges were created with many options and…

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