Education Crisis in America Essays

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Griffin Thomas
The Education Crisis in America Currently the U.S. has a major problem on its hands, education today is constantly losing money while we put more of that money and time into our prisons rather than our schools. By showing kids that it is more important to be tough on crime than it is for a proper education is wrong. If these practices continue you can expect to see higher drop-out rates and larger prison populations. Education should be the U.S.’s top priority and we should take pride in the greatest education system in the world. Education provides students not with just knowledge but ethics, character development and self-esteem which are important skills for the workplace and in life. That is why it is
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These zero tolerance policies and the school to prison pipeline are not just affecting minorities but everyone in the public school system. “We must bear in mind that there are numerous ineffective middle-class, white-majority classrooms across the nation that are failing their students in affluent schools, including some of those in Silicon Valley” (Dyson). Poverty stricken areas are not the only ones succumbing to the powers of zero tolerance policies. This problem that now reaches nationally must be attended to and we have to find a way to improve discipline in schools. To stop the school to prison pipeline we must take a stand by seeing that zero tolerance policies are abolished or reduced to case by case evaluation. We also must see that we change police presence in schools which has caused high arrest rates in public schools. With recent school shootings many are calling for higher police presence in schools. I urge that the U.S. refrains from this and they push towards lowering the number. By decriminalizing minor infractions and creating a positive atmosphere between students, school officials, teachers, and police officers we can help improve the education system. One new innovative practice that is now being implemented in schools is Restorative Justice. Restorative Justice allows for students to take a restorative approach to an offense, where the student is able to repair the harm that has been done.

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