Essay about Education And The Global Education

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In today’s world several countries have come together to create policies to ensure that every child receives an education. Some of these programs have been very successful allowing millions of children to receive a primary education. These programs have caused more girls to stay in school and helped them to pursue secondary education. This improves gender equality that many countries still lack in the 21st century. Although this may seem like a great improvement for education deficits around the world, the United Nations claim that the world’s progress in education has left out many children. Children and adolescents are now at a higher risk for dropping out of school, and there are many children that do not learn properly in school. The global education deficit is continuing to expand because of government failures, an inadequate supply of funds, and reduced amounts of international aid. One major factor that contributes to education deficits in various countries is government. A government is supposed to ensure that every child obtains an education; however, this fails to be the case in many countries around the world. These governments have caused an “education deficit” in our world today. This deficit can be seen as shortfall between the education that children should be receiving, and what governments promise these children will receive. This completely puts a hold on global development as well as hindering childhood development. There are many ways in which…

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