Importance Of Student At NC State

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Student at NC State
NC State is one of the highest ranking universities in North Carolina. It is a large, land grant university known best for its engineering, agricultural, and animal science programs. NC State is also a predominantly white institution, which often receives more credit and is more accepted and discussed compared to historically black colleges and universities. It is a privilege to attend this university because of its high status and the positive things people usually associate NC State with. There are other colleges and universities across the world that are not as looked up to and celebrated as much as NC State is, which is why it is a privilege to be a student here. NC State also has a wide range of resources and opportunities
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Many second and third world countries have limited to no access to education, which is saddening because receiving an education opens doors to a wide range of options for an individual. Other than colleges and universities and some select schools, education is pretty much free in America. I have attended public educational institutions all my life, and besides college, I didn’t have to pay to receive an education from these places. I can easily access these institutions by car, bus, and sometimes walking, and there are many different schools I can choose from that I think will positively affect me the most. In other countries, children long for educational opportunities, or if they do have them, they aren’t as efficient as they would like. Some schools in other countries don’t have textbooks or computers like we do here in America, and some children have to walk miles and miles every day just to get to class. And there are many instances in which females don’t even have the right to receive an education, which prevents them from gaining knowledge and living their lives to the fullest. I tend to complain about school sometimes, whether it’s about the workload or breaks given, but then I remember that there are kids all across the world that wish they had access to what I

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