Education And School, Gender, Media, And Globalization Essay example

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The readings that were assigned throughout the semester covered a multitude of topics. The topics covered included education and school, gender, media, and globalization. The readings that I most enjoyed were the first ones assigned which included “A Question of Honor”, “Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age”, and “The Myth of Inferiority”. The reason why these readings interested me the most was because they fell under my favorite topic of education. Education is one of the subjects I find the most interesting. There are so many different viewpoints and perspectives on this subject. Education may seem like it’s a very simple topic but it’s very complex. There is so many different things that fall under the subject of education. Theres things such as the educational system, teachers, teaching methods, plagiarism, and tons of more things. The complexity of education is what intrigues me the most. Education is such an essential thing in our society. Many people, including myself, believe that in order to achieve great things in life one must have an adequate education. The importance of education is also one of the reasons why this subject was my favorite topic from all of the readings One of the readings that covered my favorite topic of education, “A Question of Honor”, discusses how the educational system in the United States is declining. The reading talks about how majority of Americans don’t feel like higher education is worth the money. The author…

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