Education And Real World Experience : A Guide For Departments, Divsions, And Prospective Volunteer Applicants

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This handbook is developed to to serve as a guide for departments , divsions, and prospective volunteer applicants regarding recruitment; placement; expectations and responsibilities; and seperation of interns.
The County of Volusia will offer paid/non-paid (college credit) internships to local area college students. By partnering with a minimum of eight (8) area colleges/universities, selected students will be afforded the opportunity for internships. These opportunities will help selected students bridge the gap between education and real world experience by providing professionally related work experiences grounded in academic application and learning objectives.

Interns will help a cross-section of County departments meet the needs and demands of services for our citizens and visitors as well as promote employment within County government. Interns will work on various projects throughout the County and will gain field experience, develop skills, make connections, and learn about public services.

The intern will perform assigned duties under the close supervision and direction of a professional County staff member in an effort to gain career oriented knowledge and experience.

This win-win program draws local talent from our area schools and plants a seed for these individuals to consider the County of Volusia as a viable employer upon their graduation.

Further Intern Program Objectives

• Enhance County services through the utilization of…

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